Why Can’t I Be the Leader?

Leader image

Often in my career path, I hear people complaining that they can’t get ahead in their companies because their managers don’t care or treat them well, that they micro-manage them and won’t let them grow, that to get ahead is all about “who you know”, and the list goes on and on.  Well, there may be a few cases like that. But, most of the time I would guess that some of these same people are not demonstrating real Leadership Attributes right where they are today so that others could picture them being a true Leader in their field.

Some things to consider in Becoming the Leader You Know You Can Be:

Take Full Ownership of Your Current Role as if You Were the Business Owner

  • Consider how would you grow your business area, make things better, create an impact – and then start doing those things!

Think above the Tactical and “How does My Plan Meet the Short & Long-Term Goals”

  • Make sure you have walked through the entire project/situation/process on paper and in your mind to ensure the end results meet the short-term goals but also will have a positive effect on long term goals.

If there is a “Best Practice” don’t waste time Reinventing the Wheel

  • My best mentor taught me not to waste valuable time trying to create something from scratch when others may have already invented it, tried it, and worked out the kinks. Use these strategies/templates as your model and then build up from there!

Put in the Time & Energy to ensure you have a High-Quality Product or Process

  • Walk through the project/process start to finish to ensure you have considered every aspect and how it will affect you or your customers to ensure it is easy to understand, easy to work through, and is as full-proof as possible.

Be Professional to Earn Trust

  • People gain trust from others by demonstrating behaviors to show they deserve it! Be reliable (know your stuff and have a logical, well thought out  answer), flexible to new ideas/feedback, honest and genuine (showing that you care), dependable (work done right and on time), innovative (think through pain points and work to solve those), and customer-focused (how would you feel about your behavior/project if you were the Customer/Company?)

Being a Leader is hard work – but also very rewarding!  So, the next time you are thinking “Why Can’t I Be the Leader I Want to Be (or treated as a Leader)?” – Consider if are you truly “Taking On the Leader Role”  Today?


Why Can’t I Be the Leader?

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