HR Tip: Quick Temperature Checks Lowers Fast Turnover

Recent surveys indicate that over the next three years companies expect to see higher levels of turnover – and skilled workers in the market will continue to tighten.  Yet, surveys also indicate that when companies implement internal career check-ups and development plans, costly turnover decreases. Here are some easy steps for your company:

  1. Help Your Employees Chart their Career Path: Some of your employees maybe very happy in their current roles, and that is great. Yet, setting aside time to find out how they are performing in the role towards company goals, and finding ways to help them grow towards those, as well as towards any career aspirations, shows that you care about their success and engages them into something bigger – your company!
  2. Small Company – Big Dreams:  Not big enough for career paths to other positions? Look back at the company/department goals that you want to accomplish. Think of what activities would create success and then talk to your team members about these. Do they have strengths that would help champion those goals? Could they build strengths by participating on project teams with accountability? There are many ways to create career growth without adding expensive jobs.
  3. Do Quick Temperature Checks with your Team: Regular check-ins with team members to understand how they feel about their current role, career, and obstacles that may be hindering them, is a good way to help create a caring, loyal team!   Stay interviews and Engagement Surveys (and meaningful follow-up to those) have helped companies reduce turnover by up to 20%! So, what are you waiting for? “Check-Up & Engage Your Team!”

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HR Tip: Quick Temperature Checks Lowers Fast Turnover

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